Live Blood Microscopy

Viewing a tiny drop of YOUR live blood under a microscope is a powerful experience that can completely change the way YOU think about your health and what is required to keep you healthy.

Please note: I do not use Live Blood Microscopy to diagnose disease. Although you can see signs of imbalance at various stages, I use the experience to educate and motivate. 

All that is required is a tiny drop of blood usually obtained from a fingertip, or a toe if you prefer. You will be amazed at what you'll see in just a tiny drop of blood. How the blood behaves on your finger will give us the first clues. From there the blood will be placed onto the microscope platform and will zoom into focus.


This starts your inner terrain adventure

All of the various things you'll see will be identified. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma and all of the other things you may or may not see such as microbial forms flitting about in your internal "swimming pool".


So starts a conversation regarding all the various factors that affect your blood and your "inner biological terrain. The importance  pH and acid/ alkaline balance, hydration, the lymph system, digestion and elimination, flow and stagnation, Zeta potential and so on.

I remind all my clients that you are seeing a tiny tiny snap shot of your blood, on one particular day. This picture can change in hours depending on a whole multitude of factors. It is more important to view the blood with an open mind to get an idea of the kind of things going on in your blood on a daily basis. To build a better more accurate picture you will have to return regularly and view your blood at various times of day having fasted, having eaten, when you are feeling good and when you are feeling unwell.

Viewing your blood will bring you face to face with the various cellular microbial things that ultimately determine our overall health.

I also use this experience to intensify self healing hypnotherapy. It enables you to visualise more effectively what might be going on in your body helping you to create a more accurate effective self healing picture in your mind.


The power of the mind and its ability to heal has been scientifically shown to work in placebo research and is known as "the placebo effect".


Our minds can also make us sick. This is known as the "nocebo effect".



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