Your mindset can affect your overall health like nothing else. This has been scientifically demonstrated in placebo research. The flip side of placebo is nocebo. Your mind an have a negative effect on your health.

MINDSET: We are born with an innate ability to heal ourselves. This ability is constantly being undermined by the current health paradigm that convinces everyone that who they get sick, they need to go to a doctor. Clinical hypnotherapy can help change your belief system and improve your ability to self heal.


POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS: We are under constant bombardment from negative suggestions all the time, TV, news, newspapers etc.  We are also subjected to negative suggestions from family and friends. being aware of this and how it affects our mindset enables us to begin taking control and creating our own positive suggestions, the ones we want. 

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MOVEMENT: Regular movement keeps our various circulatory systems flowing and prevents our internal bodily fluids from stagnating and creating an internal environment conducive to disease.


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