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Sum Total Health


Sum Total Health was born after 25 years of researching health and nutrition and getting to a point of realisation that NOBODY KNOWS ALL THE ANSWERS TO HEALTH AND NUTRITION! NOBODY! If anyone says they do, then they are kidding themselves in order to appear more knowledgeable than they actually are. The global disease statistics prove my point. So what am I say? I don't know all the answers. But what I do know is that the best way to go forward is to maintain what health you've got and live in a way that maximises your chances of staying healthy. Disease prevention is key. Sum Total Health is about proactively motivating you to take back control of your own health. Take back responsibility from your doctor and helping to boost your confidence in your ability to maintain your own health and, in many cases, inspiring you to trust your body's own innate intelligence and ability to regain your own health.

Self healing and natural health protocols that have been used for thousands of years, are often dismissed, over looked and sometimes ridiculed in favour of modern medicine. 


Health is a multi trillion dollar business


There is no ignoring the amazing advancements in modern medicine, medical procedures and pharmaceuticals that save countless lives. But how much of this sickness could be avoided if more people took more charge of their health sooner? What if more focus placed on preventing disease, instead of fighting disease once it has manifested?

It is the belief of Sum Total Health that a line has been crossed. Too much emphasis and confidence is being placed on modern medicine to instantly "cure" you if you get sick. To manage your symptoms, kill the pain, extend life at the expense of additional side effects that always accompany all drugs.

Inspiring to action

By allowing people to catch a glimpse of the incredible microscopic cellular world going on inside of them every single day, we hope to give people a more gentle wake up call to action, and avoid the harsher wake up call of the painful symptoms of disease.

Disease doesn't happen overnight


You see, disease doesn't just happen overnight. Our bodies are so amazing that they are adapting, compensating, buffering, defending, regenerating, healing and eliminating all the time in an attempt to keep us healthy. Our bodies do this for days, months, years and decades until one day, they can no longer manage to do it. This is the moment our health begins to suffer. The moment that we begin speeding up the ageing process. The moment we reduce our potential for longevity.


We may experience subtle symptoms that we just ignore or put down to natural ageing. We may just take something to kill the symptoms and carry on regardless. The symptoms may get more intense until we can no longer ignore them. We may get no symptoms at all. But, for sure, at a cellular level, there are things going on that at some time or another, will affect our health and demand we pay attention. By the time this moment comes, it may already be too late to do anything. The further from health we are, the harder it is to get back on track. sometimes the point of no return has already been crossed.

Nobody knows all the answers


The time to begin taking control of your health is now. That famous quote "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" still resonates today. Nobody on the planet has all the answers to health. No doctor. No scientist. No professor. No consultant. No health guru. So it is important to try our best to do everything we possibly can to maintain the health we currently have, and avoid getting sick in the first place.


Sum Total Health


To do this effectively we have to be aware of all the various factors that promote health and all the various factors that decrease health. It is these factors that are working everyday to either make us healthier or make us unhealthier. All these various things add up over time. It is not one thing that makes us sick. Nor is it one thing that makes us healthy. It is the sum total of all these things working synergistically every moment of every day, week after week, month after month, year after year that gives us our level of health, or disease as the case may be.

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