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Hi I'm Pete Vincent and I am the founder of Sum Total Health.

Sum Total Health is the result of my own personal health investigation. I've been passionate about researching health, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle myself, for the last 30 years. Motivated by my own desire to not get sick and trying to overcome my own little health complaints such as bad back, low energy, aches and pains etc etc. It is clear to me that the conventional approach to health has taken a wrong turn somewhere and despite billions of pounds being spent on more and more drugs, more and more people are continuing to get sick. The NHS stopped being a health service some years ago and is now more a National Disease Management Service.

The fault does not lie with those hard working souls within that system, it is the fault of the system and those who are creating the allopathic framework, namely the drug companies. When ever you see new advancements being found in health, the focus is always on developing a new drug, never looking to see why people are getting sick and doing things to try and prevent it.


At first, like many others, I struggled to believe that there was so much information out there not being given to us by the people we primarily trust to take care of our health i.e. our doctor! Again, don't always blame your doctor. There are good doctors and bad doctors. All doctors are trained with a certain mindset. Diagnose symptoms......give drugs to suppress symptoms....come back in a few months and if you have any other symptoms well change those drugs or give you some more.


I allowed my mind to be opened and began questioning everything and everyone. Very soon it became obvious to me that is more that we can all be doing to not get sick in the first place, and much more that we can do on a daily basis to prevent disease, instead of waiting until we have diagnosable symptoms that require pharmaceuticals and radical treatments and surgery.

What I have discovered is that diseases don't happen over night. They start silently one cell at a time months and years before you ever feel the physical symptoms. This is where Sum Total Health comes into its own. By trying to inspire people to begin their healthy lifestyle regime in this early phase, you have much more time to learn about health, experiment with what works for you and what doesn't. It gives you more time to stop doing the things that are known to cause diseases.


Discovering alternative health then presents you with further problems....who do you believe now? Everybody has their idea of what you should be eating, what you should be doing etc etc. Many people focus on one thing being the answer i.e diet. But ultimately everything we do or don't do, everything we eat or don't eat, everything we are exposed to, our genetics, microbial infections etc etc all add up to create what I call your Sum Total Health.

I've seen "healthy" people get sick who seemed on paper to be doing everything right. What I came to realise is that our mindset is ultimately key and so I began researching this area. I discovered a whole wealth of information as to how we can change our mindset and how we can use our minds to heal ourselves. The field of Placebo Medicine holds some amazing stories of self healing, having operations without anaesthetic, being as effective as drugs in placebo trials etc etc.

I don't claim to know all the answers. What I do hope to do is inspire you to begin your own journey of self discovery, motivate you to make changes and give you the skills and confidence to be able to take control of your health and maximise your own self healing potential.

I look forward to helping you soon.




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