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"Never underestimate the power of YOUR mind!"



Your body is an amazing, incredibly complicated, self healing, biological organism, consisting of trillions of cells and bacteria all working together in a microscopic community, we refer to as a body.

Our bodies are amazing! 

We are all born with an innate ability to heal ourselves. Confidence in this ability is slowly eroded making us dependent on western healthcare and others to make us better once we become sick.

The SUM TOTAL HEALTH mindset aims to help restore people's self confidence to self heal themselves, and most importantly inspire people to maintain health, rather than lose health then try to regain it.

It's time to regain your self healing confidence.
Welcome to Sum Total Health!

Inspiring Change

For most people their health is not a major concern until they lose it.  

This is then proceeded by a visit to the doctor who then determines treatment. 

SUM TOTAL HEALTH aims to inspire people to begin taking control of their own health in the period of time BEFORE they actually feel any physical symptoms of disease.

The truth is that disease begins silently, one cell at a time, one microbe at a time.

It is in this early stage of "disease" that we can make effective changes that can help our body's function more optimally, function better, and allow them to heal themselves.


We are all born with an innate ability to heal ourselves naturally. That self healing mindset is either encouraged, utilised and supported, or it is unwittingly neglected, eroded and undermined.

Our health mindset determines the actions we take on a daily basis and determines the actions we take when we feel unwell or get sick.

Our perception of what disease is determines what actions we take to get well again. If you have been brought up to always go to a doctor as soon as you get sick, that is what you'll do.

If you have been told that we can affect our health on a daily basis and do powerful things to prevent disease if we listen to our bodies, and prevent many diseases affecting people these days, then you will have the self confidence to pursue that approach.

These mindsets are programmed into our subconscious minds and operate like tapes when ever called upon. Unless we change those "tapes" we will continue to do the same things over and over again.

Clinical hypnotherapy is an effective tool that facilitates changing these "tapes" stored in our subconscious mind.  By pro actively focusing our attention on the behaviours and actions we would actually like to take, through practice and time, we can effect positive lasting change.



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